Molecular biology

Molecular biology: important branch of the biological sciences

What is Molecular Biology - definition

Molecular biology is a scientific discipline and branch of biology that has as its main objective the study of processes that develop in living beings from the molecular point of view. Molecular Biology is directly related to other sciences such as Genetics, Biochemistry, Cytology and Microbiology.

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The research methods used by Molecular Biology are practically the same as Biophysics, Biochemistry and Biology. Biologists working in this area use qualitative, quantitative, chemical analyzes, as well as knowledge of Organic Chemistry and Microbiology (mainly studies of viruses and microorganisms).

Today's electron microscopes are extremely advanced, enabling molecular biologists to study molecules in detail. These instruments have enabled great advances in this science in recent years.

Major Molecular Biologists

- Francis Crick

- Rosalind Franklin

- Max Perutz

- James Dewey Watson

- François Jacob

- Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard

- Severo Ochoa