Calcium Rich Foods

Milk: Important Source of Calcium


Calcium, present in many foods, is of great importance to the body of humans. Its action is important in the formation and maintenance of bones and teeth. They are also important, because they act in the fight against osteoporosis.

Main sources of calcium (examples of calcium rich foods)

- Milk

- Cheese (dish, parmesan, mines, mozzarella, etc.)

- Yogurt

- Creamy cheese

- Sardines (mainly canned)

- Codfish

- Papaya

- Siri

- Mustard Leaf

- Watercress

- Lettuce

- Oats

- Salsa

- Celery

- Beet

- Beet Leaf

- Sweet potato

- Broccoli

- Onion

- Cabbage

- Spinach

- Orange

- Fresh and dried figs

- Tofu processed with calcium salt

- corn

Did you know?

Milk and its derivatives are those that have more calcium and more easily absorbed by the body.